Product Launch

New Printing Thrill of JETVARNISH 3DS from Konica Minolta Client

15 Jan 2019
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Konica Minolta always help our beloved clients to excel in their industries. We are eager to bless our green-minded clients with JETVARINISH 3DS digital printing solution that is faster, at a lower cost and of higher quality. Patented by MGI proprietary inkjet technology and Konica Minolta print heads empower JETVARINISH 3DS to give her best shot.

Green Production (Overseas) Group is our first client to encounter the new green-printing experience engaged by JETVARINISH 3DS in Hong Kong.

JETVARINISH 3DS, backed by a software interface, impresses art designers by customizing artistic printouts in an easy, speedy and versatile mode. Thanks for iFoil S solution, it makes the digital embossing hot foil stamping possible for producing just one sample of a magazine/book cover, a card and a brochure etc.

Besides, JETVARINISH 3DS allows operators to produce both the effect of spot UV finishing and hot gold/silver stamping/embossing in the same machine. As with a single pass printing of stunning digital 3D-effect images, JETVARINISH 3DS can spot varnish up to 2,077 on A3 sheets in an hour.

JETVARINISH 3DS can also impress top management by outputting more stylish designs at low cost and in short lead time even for low-volume printings. That fits in the latest market trend and client’s upcoming strategic move.

So, if you want to hear directly from our client, Mr. Dicky Choy, Founder and Company Director of Green Production (Overseas) Group about the experience with JETVARINISH 3DS, click below.