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Highly saturated, realistic color reproduction and rich automation functions: Digital printing system “AccurioPress C84hc” released

21 May 2024
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Highly saturated, realistic color reproduction and rich automation functions
Digital printing system “AccurioPress C84hc” released

Our unique high chroma toner meets the needs for more natural and impressive printing.

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshimitsu Daiyuki, hereinafter referred to as Konica Minolta) has announced the AccurioPress digital printing system which utilizes high chroma toner (high chroma toner) to accurately reproduce vivid colors close to those on a monitor screen. “AccurioPress C83hc” has been released from November 10, 2023. The “AccurioPress C84hc” is the successor to the “AccurioPress C83hc”, which explored new printing demands in photo and design businesses with its unique color reproducibility. By adding a comprehensive range of options that automatically perform post-processing such as cutting, inspection and paper settings, the system enhances its already renowned realistic expression, thereby improving operational efficiency at printing facilities and facilitating business expansion.

Value provided by “AccurioPress C84hc”

1. Utilizes the wide color gamut of high chroma toner to provide more natural and impressive printed materials

AccurioPress C84hc can reproduce colors close to RGB monitor colors by utilizing the wide color gamut of high chroma toner. It realistically expresses the purple of a sunset, the pink of flowers, and vibrant greens and blues that were difficult to reproduce with CMYK toner. It enables conveying the intentions of photographers and designers more faithfully in apparel catalogs and fashion item photos.

High chroma toner provides a smooth skin tone with less graininess and less roughness, making it ideal for printing studio photos and photo books. It also allows for printing materials that faithfully reproduce the author’s color preferences, such as anime drafts and illustrations, and doujinshi with many pinks and bright greens. AccurioPress C84hc enables product and promotional material differentiation through printing on impactful POPs, posters, and packaging.

Reproducing the high-color intensity of flower hues and the bright, clear blue-green shades.

Reproducing the high-color intensity of flower hues and the bright, clear blue-green shades.

2. Increases efficiency in the printing process with a wide range of functional options

When equipped with the optional trimmer unit (TU-510), AccurioPress C84hc can automatically handle various paper processing such as four-sided trimming, creases*1, and perforations*2, making it possible to mass produce in a short period of time with complex printing processes involved. For example, it can create 21 business cards (3 x 7) from single sheet of paper*3 by performing folding on long paper, and applying up to 5 perforations in the paper feed direction and 2 perforations perpendicular to the paper feed direction. By post-processing printed materials with realistic and vibrant color reproduction in-line, it efficiently produces high value-added output.

Printing business cards with double-sided printing and trimming

Accordion-fold catalog


3. Contribute to solving social issues by leveraging the advantages of digital printing

The decline in the working population is a common social issue across nearly all industries, but it is particularly critical in the printing industry, which relies on skilled workers. AccurioPress C84hc, in combination with the optional automatic unit Intelligent Quality Optimizer (IQ-501), can monitor and automatically correct color tone and front-to-back registration in real time without reducing productivity. By automating tasks that previously took time and effort for skilled workers, it allows operators with less experience to consistently produce high-quality prints. Besides, Intelligent Media Sensor (IM-101) automatically detects paper type and weight. Even without specialized knowledge or expertise, operators can quickly select appropriate paper from the displayed options on the control panel based on the detection results.

Furthermore, as society becomes more concerned about environmental issues such as climate change and limited resources, demands on printed materials and printing processes are changing. The AccurioPress C84hc leverages the distinctive features of digital printing, which allows you to print as much as you need, when and where you need it, and provides high-value-added printed materials and streamlines the printing process that aligns with diverse needs. This not only reduces inventory costs and labor, but also minimizes waste, making contribution to reducing environmental impact.