Konica Minolta won Hong Kong Green Awards for a Seventh Year in a Row

4 Jan 2019
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Konica Minolta won the Hong Kong Green Awards 2018 organized by Green Council for consecutive 7 years, and it was the fourth time to be awarded with Green Management Silver Award (Corporate). For growing sustainably along with our environment and the society, we continuously improve environmental performance by carrying various environmental practice during office operations.

The assessment criteria of Green Management Award are comprehensive, including the green policy, energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, indoor air quality control, carbon footprint reduction, green purchasing, promotion and training. Putting environmental protection works into practice is a vital step, we have implemented 360∘ comprehensive sustainable development.

Konica Minolta is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with eco-friendly concept in both products and services, like using recycled plastic during production line. In facing with the public, corporates should understand the responsibility of facilitating environmental protection. We keep communicating with our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and employees, for inspiring them to adopt green lifestyle.

With the aim of reducing carbon footprint, Konica Minolta has established a clear annual target and achieved over 3% of Carbon Footprint Reduction (tCO2e per Full Time Employee) in fiscal 2017 as compare with fiscal 2016. In addition, Konica Minolta will continue to promote environmental protection in community by organizing youth activities, such as “Emerald Learning Program” teaching students about organic farming and food waste recycling. Starting from our employees, and we hope to extend the green mission to our community at the end.