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Industry Solutions

  • What problem your industry facing now……

    The legal professions have to fight with the flood of documents in their offices every day. There is no doubt that the hard copies of the cases and references have to be well indexed and stored for further retrieval. However, due to the high rental cost in Central Business District, it is not cost-effective to put all the box files in the office. On the other hand, keeping those files in warehouse may arouse the problem of wastage of time when some documents are urgently needed for a court case. Time is money and efficiency is the key to succeed. How can these problems be solved?

  • What you are looking for……
    • A total document management solution reforms your firm’s document management system to a digital one, offering the dual advantages of reducing the time and efforts needed to locate necessary documents, while drastically reducing storage space
    • A problem-free process to digitize all the old documents into digital format by a professional and reliable third party