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Industry Solutions

  • What problem your industry facing now……

    Financial Service Industry (FSI) generates businesses on every second. Transactions are varied among customers while number of transaction and its amount for a customer is also different in every month. Hence, problems in printing monthly statements and investment-related materials have been generated: You need a team of staff to fold the invoices and insert them into envelops manually!

    Problems discovered

    • Human errors created by manual workflow
    • Leakage of confidential information
    • Expensive labor costs
    • Inefficiency

    Meanwhile, FSI emphasizes on “tailor-made” service to clients which gives a prestigious and caring feeling to them. Transactions are varied among customers because each person has their own investment choice based on their characteristic.

    What you are looking for……
    • An automated workflow for printing invoices with barcodes for more efficient letter insertion with high accuracy and security
    • Tailor-made marketing materials for creating a friendly and prestigious experience to your clients
    • A profession printing system can create corporate and marketing materials with colors that pop which catch the attention from your clients