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Industry Solutions

  • What problem your industry facing now……

    Undoubtedly, the trend for invoicing system in logistics industry is changing. You may notice that the traditional line-printer produces the invoices slowly with loud noises and its flexibility is low. Besides, the formats and terms pre-printed on the NCR forms change frequently due to the ever-changing market and its regulations. The pre-printed forms would then become wastages. All these factors greatly reduce your company’s return-on-investment (ROI)! Do you want your business to take one step or even more steps forward?

  • What you are looking for……
    • A host printing system for printing a huge number of invoices and related document, which can also be printed into several piles in order
    • Barcode scanning system for automation of distributing shipping order and classifying shipping document
    • Document management system for filing and retrieving document easily