Konica Minolta’s “Emerald Learning Program 2017” Series: Fung Yuen Butterfly Eco-Tour and Plant Dyeing Workshop

6 Mar 2018
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To facilitating environmental education and participation in local community, Konica Minolta continuously holds “Emerald Learning Program” series to encourage participants to protect our environment and treasure resources as well as putting it into practice during daily life. Our volunteer team attended Fung Yuen Butterfly Eco-Tour and Plant Dyeing Workshop with students from Kwai Ming Wu Memorial School of the Precious Blood (Tsuen Wan) at Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve on 3 Mar 2018. 

Nowadays, students seldom join outdoor activities due to busy homework. Via this eco-tour and workshop, we aim to raise students’ awareness and interest in local biodiversity. The eco-tour was led by an experienced guide. Statistics shows that over 200 species of butterflies, which accounts for 80% of the total 240 species in Hong Kong, have been founded in Fung Yuen where is the only one “Site of Special Scientific Interest”(SSSI) established for butterfly protection.

During activity, participants could observe many colorful butterflies and plants as well as the threats faced by butterfly habitat. It is believed that they can further understand the importance of nature conservation. Besides, participants unleashed creativity on their own cloth bags by natural dyeing used in daily life.

Hong Kong has abundant natural resources. We can visit our nature during weekend and put a sustainable way of living into practice. We will continue to organize more environment-related educational activities which can promote sustainable development towards young people and our community with the aim of conserving our natural scenery for next generations.