Konica Minolta won Green Office Award and Eco-Healthy Workplace Label for 2 consecutive years

3 Dec 2018
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Konica Minolta has set a role model to implement various environmental practices in office operation with the aim of creating the low carbon office. At the same time, we circulate environmental messages towards the staffs to raise their environmental awareness.

Therefore, we won Green Office Award and Eco-Healthy Workplace Label under Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme 2018 (GOALS) organized by the World Green Organisation (WGO) for 2 consecutive years, in recognition of our sufficient achievements in 9 stipulated aspects of operations which implement green workplace practices and encourage eco-healthy workplace. Compared with the result of first assessment in 2017, we achieved better scores in the Category of Energy Savings and Waste Reduction this year which recognized our improvement.

World Green Organisation (WGO) initiated Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS) to raise local business awareness of the global environmental challenges. It supports offices and retailers to “Go Green” in 9 stipulated aspects of operations including energy savings, water savings, waste reduction, paper/printing reduction, green procurement, IT use and disposal, Transportation, education and awareness, green Innovation.

For the sake of improving environmental performance of daily operations, we have achieved the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification. Under this system, employees can establish green behavior in daily work. We also keep improving the environmental performance of our products for providing total green business solutions. In addition, our Digital Multi-functional Systems are equipped with functions with paper reduction and energy savings and which aims at creating green office practices and a sustainable society.