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Industry Solutions

  • What Konica Minolta can offer to Financial Service Industry……



    iStatement is an automated inserter which can help you:

    • Manage and route documents and data through user-defined rules
    • Print documents with a barcode for error checking
    • Create personalized printing materials to cater to each customer’s unique needs
    • Insert statements and printing documents into envelopes automatically


    • Increase Working Efficiency -
      The entire workflow is automated, saving you the time to print and feeding manually
    • Guarantee Accuracy -
      Eliminate human errors caused by manual intervention
    • Enhance Customer Relationship -
      Create more personalized printing documents according to each client’s portfolio
    • Improve Data Security -
      All stored data are encrypted to ensure that confidential information will not be released to unauthorized users
    • Create business opportunity -
      Easy creation of transactional, promotional and transpromotional documents including conditional text, graphs, barcodes and images to attract your target customers

    Professional Color Printing System

    Vivid color with professional company image is the first step for you to impress your customer. In order to arouse your target customers’ interest in your product and show your company professional image, a customized marketing print material with vivid and accurate color is essential.

    For example, Konica Minolta’s latest digital printing production system, bizhub PRESS aims to serve you with its magnificent characteristic—RGB workflow providing superior color reproduction across a multitude of media.


    • Incredible colors performance presents “What-you-see-is-what-you-get”
    • Reproduction of s-RGB color for accurate corporate color (e.g. logo)
    • Fast speed for enhanced productivity
    • More flexibility