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Industry Solutions

  • What Konica Minolta can offer to Logistics Industry……


    Handling various bills and invoices is the everyday practice in logistics company. However, it involves the manpower and time cost, which affect the cost-effectiveness. Pin-pointing the problem you are facing with, Konica Minolta’s iBill can bring you variety, convenience and cost efficiency in designing and printing invoices.


    • Powerful form design
    • Automatic data generation from Host system
    • Compatibility with Konica Minolta’s high speed production system
    • Using A4 print out instead of NCR form
    • Reducing operation cost

    2D Barcode for OCR and Automation

    When feeding in the document with QR code, it contains different variables. The variables contain different indexes with dedicated destinations. Equipping a 2D barcode scanning system helps your staff to classify and retrieve shipping document at a time and brings you easy job distribution.


    • More comprehensive data can be stored in QR code
    • Automated workflow saves time with high accuracy

    Document Management Solution

    After processing the invoice into different parties, the soft copy of each version will be saved in our web-based Document Management System for storage and filing.


    • Directly link up the scan result from QR code with indexes automatically
    • User search for document with clear and familiar indexes which save lots of time
    • Save space for document storage