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  • HKUST Utilizing DocNet Document Management Solution and Saving over 10,000 Papers per Year
    "The tremendous flexibility offered to users is without doubt the most outstanding characteristic of DocNet......"
    "The operating mode of the web-based DocNet is easy to learn and apply...even you are at overseas, access to documents is still at your fingertips." 

    Mr. S. K. Li
    Chief Technical Officer
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

  • Since January 2003, the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Science and Technology ("the Department") has been using the DocNet document management system to achieve a more efficient and cost-effective work procedure and workflow.

  • The Days before a Centralized Filing System......

    The Days before a Centralized Filing System Mr. S. K. Li, Chief Technical Officer of the Department, said that there was no centralized information and document storage system before the adoption of DocNet. The staffs were using different means to keep their files. Owing to the lack of a uniform storage system, they encountered great difficulties when searching for files and information, and were often unable to retrieve necessary information in the shortest timeframe. Worse still, the assistance from other colleagues was often required to complete a job.

    In the past, staff had to make photocopies of documents like invoices or purchase orders, and then deliver them to relevant colleagues/units by hand for reference and storage. It was time-consuming and piecemeal. Any amendment to the documents would mean the repetition of the whole process, causing wastage of manpower and resources such as paper and toner.

    To retrieve the filed information and documents, the staff had to go to the storage area where the filing cabinets or the on-line computers were kept, adversely affecting their workflow and efficiency.

  • Successful Experience - Saving Costs and Enhancing Efficiency

    A Centralized Archive System

    After the introduction of KONICA MINOLTA's DocNet electronic document management system, staff of the Department are now able to perform the filing of procurement documents in a centralized system which is easy to use and manage. Using an authorized password and user account, staff can get access to the database anytime and anywhere without hassle. In addition to enhancing work efficiency, DocNet also saves on costs effectively. A Centralized Archive System

    Saving Cost & Resources

    Saving Cost & Resources   Mr. Li highly praised the cost-saving benefits of DocNet. He mentioned that there are about 20 main users of DocNet system in the Department. In the prevailing academic climate, with cost-effectiveness featuring prominently in the agenda, DocNet is an ideal choice for the Department. Not only is its reasonable price, but also on the capped cost of using DocNet, as no additional license fee for extra users is required even when the Department expands its manpower. This encourages wider application of the system. In this respect, DocNet is a better choice than other software systems in the market, particularly for the tertiary institutions, which are currently very concerned about cost-efficiency.
  • Enhancing Efficiency and Flexibility

    DocNet is an electronic storage system for files and information. Staff of the Department can now file and retrieve the information they require anytime and anywhere through the Internet, releasing them from the limitations posed by physical location and incompatible systems.

    As all information is digitally stored in a centralized archive, what the staff have to do in delivering the files is to simply save them in the system and inform the intended recipients by email of the location of the files. The documents can be printed out or whatsoever handled according to the users' preference. Again, this helps to reduce the time-consuming copying and distribution process, hence saving manpower, time and money. Enhancing Efficiency and Flexibility
  • User-friendly Design and Operation

    DocNet has adopted a simple and user-friendly design for its user interface. The procurement staffs can save the documents under their preferred filing index, which suit the needs of the Department, hence providing flexibility.

    User-friendly Design and Operation   Li claimed, "The tremendous flexibility offered to users is without doubt the most outstanding characteristic of DocNet; for instance, in most competing softwares, index fields are usually pre-set, so that users are bounded when they are using it...... however, DocNet allows users to decide on and add or remove both the index fields and their names". Meanwhile, "DocNet is always upgrading, providing better interface with enhanced functions......". All these demonstrate that DocNet is client-oriented.

    Li further pointed out, "the operating mode of the web-based DocNet is easy to learn and apply......even when you are at overseas, access to documents is still at your fingertips." All these demonstrate that DocNet is client-oriented.

    Environmentally-friendly by Using Less Paper

    DocNet has also facilitated a paperless environment for the Department, helping it to save up to 20,000 pieces of paper per year! Li explained, "Since last year, we have stored 1,055 records on purchase items. Assuming that 8 to 10 pieces of paper were used for each record, we have already saved over 10,000 pieces since then!" This is no doubt a shining example of effective cost saving while protecting the environment.

    Moreover, the centralized archive also helps to save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on establishing or maintaining individual filing systems; staff are thereby free to concentrate on other work and hence increase their efficiency.

    Environmentally-friendly by Using Less Paper

    Tailor-made Flexibility

    Tailor-made Flexibility


    In his closing remarks on DocNet's overall performance, Li claimed, "In this world, there could never be an electronic document management system that can meet 100% of your needs. Even if you custom-made the software yourself, it would be outdated by the time you finished writing the program, which would take years to complete. However, such an available and flexible electronic document management system as DocNet can immediately meet most of your needs, saving the cost of developing your own system."

    In fact, owing to the limitation of manpower and resources in most small to medium enterprises, in-house development of software applications is rarely the ideal option. A far more cost-effective way is to use the software developed by professional business solutions provider, such as the high quality KONICA MINOLTA DocNet system.

    In addition, DocNet provides a flexible user interface, specially designed to cater to the needs of individual businesses/companies. No wonder it has become one of the most popular systems in the market.

    High Quality After-sales Service & Support

    Apart from the superb design and function of the product, the quality of after-sales service should not be overlooked. Among other technical support services, KONICA MINOLTA provides comprehensive training courses to the Department on the software and product application and functions. The highly regarded service of the Group's sales team, customer service and hotline support brings a hassle-free working environment to the Department. Mr. Li and his colleagues are satisfied with the DocNet system, and will be absolutely delighted to share their experience with staff from other departments. High Quality After-sales Service & Support
    Organization Name: Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
    Industry: Education / Academic Institution
    Business Nature: Education and Academic
    Year of Establishment: 1991
    No. of Staff: Around 40
    Brief Introduction: The Department of Mechanical Engineering at HKUST is a first-class and caring faculty, with an up-to-date curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and a beautiful campus. The faculty is dedicated and committed to provide mechanical engineering education that delivers sound engineering knowledge and analytical skills, offering hands-on laboratory experience, and developing excellent communication skills and hard-working habits. All of these are the essentials for competing successfully with the best mechanical engineering graduates in the world.