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One-stop Business Process Outsourcing Services


  • Cost Efficiency: It reduces staff overhead for document scanning, printing and mailing operations and business process re-engineering. It also saves the storage cost by digitalizing the paper documents.
  • Time Effectiveness: It standardizes the filing and document sharing system and facilitates efficient document retrieval process.

  • Productivity Enhancement: Elimination of staff overhead by avoiding the chore activities and focus on their core duties, while BPO provides the automatic and systematic document management service to enhance the productivity efficiency.

  • Professional Team: Over 70-staff experienced BPO Services team provides the professional consultation service and the complete project workflow to improve enterprises’ internal operation efficiency


  • Risk Reduction: Konica Minolta has complied with the ISO27001 Standard Requirements for information security. For disaster recovery, BPO has the backup infrastructure available for avoiding any data loss.



Industry Challenges Our Solutions Clients’ Benefits


Over 2,500 microfilm rolls need to be converted into digital images

These rolls are in both simplex and duplex image modes

Hard to search the needed document from microfilm rolls

Cannot let the service provider to take so many rolls in one trip since these microfilms are very valuable

The whole job required to be done in less than 12 months

Provide microfilm and microfiche conversion services by Konica Minolta own micrographic equipment

Read, capture and index images of microfilm rolls in Konica Minolta Business Process Outsourcing Centre which is certificated in ISO27001 high security standard in information management system

Collect and return the rolls bi-weekly during the production period

Guarantee and complete over 8-million image conversion and indexing within 10 months

High quality images retaining all important data

Secure the confidential information  and reduce risk to avoid data lost

The project is done before 2 months of the planned schedule

Property Management

Require to save and index thousands of document including invoices, receipts, electricity bills, water bills, rates, management fee, maintenance bills, etc. 

These documents are belonged to over 400 different estate locations in Hong Kong and Guangdong province

Need to proceed the payment to different service providers and collect the management fee from tenants

Convert these documents into digital images in PDF format for data capturing

Our experienced BPO Services team monitors the whole conversion process and locked the documents during transportation

Upload these data to a Cloud-based Document Management Solution (DMS) and stored in a data centre

Set up searching and approval function in DMS to find out the needed documents

Good quality of scanning data by Konica Minolta MFP

Avoiding manual error and losing the document among different locations

Check real-time payment status via the automatic and digital workflow

With authorized access to the DMS system, staff can search the document at anytime anywhere


The important student records in microfilm rolls are old and with heavy scratch marks that are difficult to read

Confidential information saved in the microfilm, including name, ID number and examination results which cannot be loss or disclosed

Convert the microfilm rolls into digital images 

Provide clear and good quality PDF file after image capturing from microfilm

Recorded the images files in DVD media

Index all images and develop a search tool to find the needed images stored in the DVDs

An economical way to store DVDs instead of microfilm rolls

Easy retrieval and improved readability of digitalized images

Accurate and efficient searching process from piles of documents

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