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Decode Your Digital Vision!

No matter if you’re the boss or an employee, you may face various challenges at work that could affect your productivity and efficiency. Digital transformation becomes a latest trend for enterprises to increase efficiencies.

Konica Minolta fully understands your business needs. We offer customized, one-stop solutions from digitizing documents, business process re-engineering to human resources outsourcing and IT support. Our comprehensive support enables you to enjoy higher business efficiency so you can connect to new opportunities in the digital era.


Business Process Outsourcing Service (BPO) 
BPO Service helps you digitize your documents. We scan and index documents through AI technology to reduce your storage cost and increase business efficiency. It’s the first step towards digital transformation.


Business Process Re-engineering Service (BPR)
BPR Service helps you automate and integrate your business processes. You can use mobile devices and tablets to approve documents, review business performances and forecasts to discover new business opportunities at any time, anywhere.


Staff Outsourcing Service (SOS)
SOS Service helps you find the right talent and maintain high quality human resources for your company. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent staff, you can enjoy a one-stop service from hiring to training. Free up your internal resources to focus on digital transformation to increase your business efficiency.


IT Guardians Service (ITG)
ITG Service provides comprehensive IT services from systems and networks to cloud services, system security, data recovery and more. Therefore, you never need to worry about digitizing your business.


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