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Dear our customers:

Notification of the Camera, Photographic and Processing Products.

Thank you for your support to Konica Minolta Photo Imaging in the past.

As Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc. has ceased its Camera Business Operation since 1 April, 2006, Sony Corporation provided customer service for Konica's, Minolta's, and Konica Minolta's cameras (excluding Film-in cameras) and camera-related products except for the binoculars, until 31 December, 2010.

Upon the termination of the Agreement between Sony Corporation and Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc. on 31 December, 2010, the Repair Service Providers will continue the repair service independently from 1 January, 2011. Please kindly refer to the links below for further information:

Notification of the Latest Camera Repair Services Arrangement

Contact List of Repair Service Providers

Customer Support

Online Enquiry Form of Camera Repair Services